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Are you drowning in debt and think you need to file Chapter 7? Could you file your own case, without an attorney? If you have the right kind of case, yes – you can! Do it yourself bankruptcy will guide your through the process!


Find out if you  have the right kind of case to “Do It Yourself” -  Get your FREE MEMBERSHIP instantly. I am a Board Certified Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney, and I know that there there are some cases consumers can file themselves. This website is a comprehensive collection of accurate and practical information for you to review so you can decide if you want to do it yourself.


WARNING: Bankruptcy without a lawyer is NOT for Everyone!

Only certain kinds of cases should be attempted without an experienced attorney. If you don’t have the right kind of case, you should hire an attorney to help you. If you DO have a case that is appropriate to file yourself,  you will save well over $1,000 in legal fees by using Do It Yourself Bankruptcy to do the  work yourself. Yes, it is involved. Yes, it will take you time to put your case together. So, if you are not interested in investing the time or don’t have the determination to put the effort into reading the required information, and typing the forms, then you should hire an attorney to do it for you. If you are able to follow instructions, and have a simple case, sign up today for a free membership and see if you think this is for you. You need to know ALL of the following, and more.  (Don’t worry.  We cover all of this in an easy to follow, simple to understand, step-by-step format.)



Attorneys charge thousands of dollars to file bankruptcy. Money you DON’T have.


Can you file your own bankruptcy without an attorney?




Everything you need to know to file bankruptcy yourself – No Attorney Needed.


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